HUSABERG TE Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 3
First production year: 2011

2012 - Present

In Model Year 2012 Husaberg clearly focuses on its core competence again - Enduro. From the very beginning back in 1988, when a couple of Swedish Enduro enthusiasts decided to develop and build a radically new Enduro machine, which then became known as the first Husaberg, up until today Enduro was always the brand’s inner core. Be it in terms of sales or in terms of racing success, the FE and TE...


2011 - Present

The youngest member of the Husaberg family rounds off the range at the bottom. This means that both up-and-coming 16 year-old racers and ambitious E1 riders of every age can now at last also use the top quality components that only Husaberg can offer. Lightweight, compact, manoeuvrable - there's not a gram too many on the TE 125.


2011 - Present

The Husaberg TE 250 is a rugged dirt bike powered by a 1-cylinder two-stroke, water-cooled engine with reed intake and exhaust control. The engine has a 249 cc displacement and is paired with a six speed transmission. Husaberg TE 250’s unit is one of the most powerful and sportiest two-strokes in its class and features adjustable exhaust control and selectable ignition curves which allow you to ...