HUSABERG FS Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 4
First production year: 2002

2010 - 2012

The new Husaberg FS 570 revives Husaberg’s tradition in the supermoto segment. It is a Supermoto for everyday use on the streets, but with only small adaptations easily transformed into a pure race bike. The FS 570 takes the amazing new engine concept to asphalt and defines a new level of handling and rideability for street Supermotos. The huge torque and power of the 570 cc engine toge...


2009 - 2010

The heart of the new Husaberg generation is the new SOHC one-cylinder engine with a displacement of 448.6 or 565 cc. In addition to top performance, the developers' goal was a modern, compact design and a high degree of durability, as well as to position the crankshaft near the overall centre of gravity, thus facilitating the handling by means of the engine design.


2007 - 2008

With the way supermoto has taken off across the globe, manufacturers are on the gas for 2007. As the sister company of arguably the most advanced SuMo machine producer, KTM, Husaberg has upped its bet in the Unlimited class with this 550cc beast. The FS550e gets a healthy dose of Mad Max 'tude with its black bodywork, fork tubes and 17-inch wheels along with blue graphics. Combine that w...


2002 - Present

The Husaberg FE650 is one hell of a bike, no doubt about that. It's the fastest dirt bike we've ever been on, maybe the most powerful there is, but it still has a few weird features. Some of them are the result of shaving every gram of weight the designers reckon this bike doesn't need. For example, every bolt-head has been scooped out to reduce the amount of metal the bike has to...