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HONDA RC Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 20
First production year: 1959

2015 - Present

The Honda RC213V-S has been developed according to this Honda principle, making it possible for the RC213V-S to run on public roads


2007 - Present

The Honda RC212V is a motorcycle which was especially creaed for the 800cc MotoGP series, the 2007 edition. The motorcycle was equipped with a liquid cooled, four stroke DOHC 4 valve V4, 800cc engine.


2005 - 2006

Year after year, Honda delivers new versions of their acclaimed, championship-winning RC51 sport machine, the street-legal version of the track beast. With 133 horsepower to spare and surgically-precise injection and throttle, the 2005 RC51 carries on the winning DNA heritage and provides the riders with the closest experience to a real Superbike machine possible in the "civilian" worl...


2004 - 2005

With its abilities to win races proven multiple times on the most famous tracks around the world, the RVT1000R RC51 is a championship-class bike, with the 2004 edition making no exception. This model year comes in a more sober livery, with black and metallic grey wings. and black powder coated frame, wheels and swingarm. A zero-compromise machine, the 2003 RVT1000R RC51 is capable to deliver ...


2003 - 2004

The 2003 RVT1000R RC51 is the replica of the bike Nicky Hayden used to win the 2002 AMA Superbike championship. Basically, this machine will get you as close as possible to what track-designed superbikes are like, providing sizzling performance and allowing skilled riders to show their peers who's the boss. This motorcycle is loaded with lots of racing-grade parts, but comes in a street-...


2002 - 2003

The RVT1000R RC51 is a true sportsbike in a street-legal guise, a machine for the skilled riders who want to get a better glimpse of what real racing beasts are like. A revered and feared name in WSBK, the 2002 RVT1000R RC51 packs plenty of usable power for both urban and track riding. With lots of parts derived from Honda's racing programs, the RVT1000R RC51 delivers impeccable performa...


2002 - 2006

First released in 2002, the RC211V is a super sport motorcycle produced by Honda which was especially designed to participate into racing competitions.


2001 - 2002

With a bold RC51 isignia proudly displayed on the side panels, the 2001 RVT1000R RC51 needs no presentation. This is as close to a real superbike as you'll ever get... unless you're a WSBK rider or mechanic, so treat the bike accordingly. This machine oozes SBK-derived technology and rides just as well. Lighter, more powerful and more agile than the predecessors, the 2001 RVT1000R R...


2000 - 2001

The 2001 is one of the elite liter-class v-twin superbikes, a muscular machines engineered for riding hard and fast, with excellent street-level handling and exhilarating on-track performance. 2001 brings 3 extra liters of fuel, new, higher clip-on bars, revised carburetion and ignition for more reposniveness. At the same time, new Dark Metallic Blue and Pearl Yellow colours are now available...


2000 - 2001

A history-making bike, the Honda RVT1000R RC51 brought a new dimension to superbike racing, both in the World Series and world endurance. The 2000 iteration builds on the iconic RC30 machine and takes things a step further, with better engineering and more performance and power on tap. Racing-grade parts are standard, shaving off weight and adding power, while handling has also been improved ...


2000 - 2001

Manufactured for only one year, between 2000 and 2001, the Honda RVT 1000 R / RC 51 was equipped with a 999 cc, liquid-cooled 90-degree V-twin engine.


1999 - 2000

A street-focused version of the RC51, the 1999 RVT1000F Firestorm is a sweet sport bike featuring highly-advanced technologies derived straight from the race track. This machine was developed for those in search of adrenaline-fueled rides , but who wanted something different from the humming of the in-line 4 CBRs. Powered by a mighty v-twin, the RVT1000F Firestorm also provides top-notch hand...


1999 - 2000

Created to deliver race track performance, the 1999 RC51 is in fact a street-legal superbike-class machine, designed to carry the Honda legacy into the future. This bike provides world-class racing performance at an affordable price, allowing enthusiasts to get as close as possible to the WSBK standards. With a track-ready frame and engine tuned for sizzling performance, the RVT1000R RC51 is ...


1994 - 1999

Thanks to its liquid cooled four stroke 90 degrees V-four cylinder engine, the Honda RVF 750 / RC 45 super sport bike is able to reach a top speed of 258 km/h with a fuel consumption average of 15 km/l.


1976 - 1980

The Honda RCB1000 is a sport motorcycle produced by Honda for only 4 years, between 1976 and 1980.


1962 - 1964

Kept in production for only two years, between 1962 and 1964, the Honda RC 112 sport motorcycle was able to develop 10 horsepower at 17500 rpm, being equipped with a 9 speed gearbox.


1962 - 1963

Manufactured in 1962 in order to participate to race competitions, the RC110 has a single cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 40x39, a compression ratio of 10.5:1 and an output of 9.5bhp at 14,000rpm.


1961 - 1962

Developing 23 horsepower at 14000 rpm, the Honda RC 143 sport motorcycle helped Tom Phillis achieve the first World Championship victory in 1961.


1959 - 1960

Even if it was produced for only one year, the 1959 model of the Honda sport bike RC 160 was able to reach a top speed of 200 km/h, mostly thanks to its four-valve engine which developed 35 horsepower at 14000 rpm.


1959 - 1960

The bike, born in 1959, had a capacity of 124.6cc and a bore and stroke of 44x41mm with a compression ratio of 10.5:1. The engine developed 18.5bhp at 13000rpm and a weight of 87kg.