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Hodaka, also known as Pabatco, which actually stands for Pacific Basin Trading Company, is an American-Japanese company that manufactured motorcycles during the 1960s and 1970s. Although there's nothing official concerning this matter, some people say that the company's name is inspired by the name of a mountain in Oregon, the location of the Hodaka headquarters.

Hodaka managed to manufacture numerous remarkable motorcycles, all of them being pretty appreciated for the features they have. For instance, the Ace 90 and the 100 model, the Wombat,  the Super Combat, the Super Rat and the Thunderdog are some of the most popular motorcycles manufactured by the company.

Even if they were manufactured between 1960 and 1970, the motorcycles produced by Hodaka come with pretty advanced features, no matter if we talk about its engines or about the other features installed on the bikes.

For example, the Hodaka ACE 100, a motorcycle manufactured in 1968, comes with a two stroke, single cylinder engine as well as with a chain final drive. Both front and rear brakes are based on drums.

The Hodaka Wombat, which was first produced in 1972, is pretty similar with ACE 100, being equipped with a single cylinder engine providing a displacement of 125 cmc. In addition, it comes with drum-based front and rear brakes as well as with a chain final drive.

As mentioned, Hodaka had quite a short presence on the motorcycle manufacturing market, producing bikes for approximately 10 years. In the late 1970s, the company started experiencing financial problems so it urgently needed a revamp that could help it continue the motorcycle production.

In 1980, Hodaka shut down its factories and no other motorcycles have been produced since that year. A few years later, the entire production line was sold to Daelim.

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