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Nürnberger Hercules-Werke is a company founded by Edward Crane which started producing approximately 25 bicycles a week in 1886. However, the company grew up a lot in its early days so in 1905, the German manufacturer started producing motorcycles.

The company recorded an impressive success, no less than six million bicycles being produced in the first years, Hercules gaining one of the most important advantages in the fight with the other motorcycle firms: it manufactured all the parts installed on bicycles. Moreover, the factories and the plants owned by Hercules were able to produce a large number of vehicles every day. The company continued its impressive growth, managing to become one of the most important businesses during the 50s.

Although the company was the first motorcycle manufacturer which owned a professional road race team in 1953, it only lasted until 1955 when, due to the decrease of sales in the motorcycle industry, Hercules had to retire from the competitions.

In 1955, Hercules attempted to expand its coverage and concentrate on mopeds but no important model was released. Because the company was urgently needing a revamp, it was bought by Fichtel & Sachs in 1966. The acquisition was followed by a merger with Zweirad Union. The history of the company was continued by Sachs which continued to manufacture motorcycles under the Hercules brand.

Talking about the motorcycles produced by Hercules, the company built multiple popular bikes equipped with notable features. For instance, the Hercules K 125 Military is, just like its name suggests, a motorcycle designed to be used by the army which was equipped with a single cylinder engine with air cooling system. This engine was able to develop 13 horsepower and worked with a single carburetor. The bike had drums on both front and rear brakes.

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