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The short story of this company begins several years ago, in the mid 90's, when Donald Atchinson, a racer and engineer as well, wanted to create the ideal street bike. He started selling other manufacturer's motorcycles, goods and accessories, waiting for the right moment to strike.
The moment came in 2001, when he build the prototype to the Heretic bike. The name of the company which wanted to create distinctive machines in limited quantities, was taken from a small car racing team of Type D Jaguars, known by the name of Ecurie Ecosse, literally translated as Scotish Racing. That team wanted a spot in the Le Mans race but they were initially denied. In the last moment thew could participate though and managed to beat the Ferrari and Maserati teams. After that, Ecurie Ecosse won year after year and, becoming a symbol for excellence for Donald Atchinson. The $275,000 bike designed by Donald was made in only ten units, each one being equipped with K&N XStream Top High-Flow Air Filter, titanium chassis, BST carbon fiber wheels and Ohlins gas forks. All these components hide a 2150cc, supercharged fuel injected V-twin. Each bike can develop 200 HP at the rear wheel, a torque of 210 ft.lbs. and has "Titanium Series RRLimited Edition" engraved on the chassis.
Now known worldwide as the premier luxury marque of innovative motorcycles, the company builds the bikes with a custom French watchmaker BRM timepiece. The automatic chronograph has a brushed titanium bezel and a 48mm hexagonal face which lets everybody see the watch's interior mechanism, an allusion to the bike's exposed engine. It also has a two sided band, one black rubber and the other black leather, to match the seat of the bike. Both bike and watch share the same color scheme.

BRM watches are always produced in small series, they will never be mass-produced. BRM had different collaborations. The French manufacturer and Henri Pescarolo, the living legend of the Le Mans 24 hours, 4 times winner of this mythical race, have developed an exceptional time keeper, a model limited to 24 pieces, available for 5.100 €.

Wendy Atchinson, co-founder of the company, said that "everything on this bike has best class of components" and after 11 months of work, everybody can see that. Donald Atchinson is the mechanical engineer of Ecosse, while Wendy takes care of the business side of the company.

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