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The Carver story began years ago. The pollution problems and the "great" traffic inspired Anton van den Brink, the founder of the Eurotool Group of companies from Dordrecht, near Rotterdam to launch a very strange vehicle, half car and half motorcycle. When the year 1993 was almost finished, the prototype of this "half-half thing" was presented at the exhibition "The Compact Car, History with a Future".
It was appreciated and considered only "an interesting concept but not a commercially or technically viable solution". One year later, Chris Van den Brink and Harry Kroonen, aeronautical engineers at Brink Dynamics, one of the Eurotool companies, put on the paper the Dynamic Vehicle Control (DVC) concept which automatically translates the "car type steering" input into an optimal "motorcycle type banking" of the chassis. After two years, the first vehicle wearing this concept was born, impressing the entire world. In 1997 the Dutch police got a three wheeled prototype of this "strange moto-car" and the machine got the OK signature for road use. Year after year, the prototype was improved and restyled, turning into a Carver which would be validated in 2000.
After just three years, twenty four exclusive Carvers were hand made and sold all over the world. Other 500 units are about to hit the roads. Located in the centre of Europe, Carver was founded in 2005 to co-ordinate the production, sales and service of the Carver One in Europe and the rest of the world. Now, Carver One has a lot to say and at the beginning of 2008, it proved its abilities. Using a Carver one, a Spanish motorcycle journalist completed the distance of 4.300 kilometers in 47 hours. He had wasted only 4 hours for sleep and "run" with an average speed of about 90 kilometers an hour.

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