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 Stefan Ytterborn was known for founding safety-gear innovator POC Sports, who launched in 2005 a special helmet designed for skiers to protect their brains. That invention didn't only attract fame for its name but also enough money to create something bigger.

In 2016 he established the CAKE, a new motorcycle company that tried to make things different. Moreover, the founder didn't have a background in this area. Instead, he was attracted by gravity sports and was driven by a sustainability creed that made him decide to go full electric on its products. Thus, in January 2018, CAKE launched an electric motorcycle at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Denver, Colorado.

The founder's idea was to build motorcycles mostly for women and those who didn't particularly enjoy the sound of or smell of a two-stroke or other internal combustion engine. Moreover, an electric motorcycle doesn't need a gearbox. Last but not least, that vehicle, named Kalk, was half the weight of a regular bike and still provided a 50-mile (80 km) range on a charge.

With the help of a former client from his career before POC, Ytterborn created a sleek two-wheeler with a rigid frame that looked like a mix between a mountain bike and a motorcycle. That concept was applied to the Kalk and to the other products that CAKE unveiled later on. But since the inventor was focused more on gravity sports, he considered that the Kalk was more of a downhill machine and less a motorcycle.

Just a year after the introduction of the Kalk, CAKE launched the Osa, a platform with many faces that offered enough performance to be appealing to both professionals and enthusiasts around the world, who shared the same ideas of sustainability as the bike maker.

Once again, in 2020, during the world pandemic, Stefan Ytterborn introduced racing versions for the Kalk and the Osa, stepping up the game and challenging other bike makers. But, to make its products even more desirable, CAKE made no compromises when building these racing bikes.

But the motorcycle manufacturer didn't stop with just these products and unveiled the third range in 2021, the Makka. In the same year, the Swedish manufacturer introduced upgraded versions of its previous models, thus attracting even more customers. With a pricing policy that placed its product in the same league as regular e-bikes, CAKE attracted more and more customers.

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