BETA Ark Liquid Cooled 50 Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 2
First production year: 2012
BETA Ark LC photo gallery

The 2013 Beta Ark LC sports a gritty, liquid-cooled, "fifty" lump, designed for busy city streets and narrow alleys.

It still retains an off-road touch, characteristic for the Tuscany House, thanks to high mudguards and off-road sides. For inner-city mobility and handling, the engineers have fitted it with a hydraulic fork, an adjustable spring preload monoshock, and tires with enhanced asphalt grip.

It is available for purchase in four stylings, Tribe, Paddock, Razor and Factory.

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BETA Ark One LC photo gallery

The 2013 MY Beta Ark One LC sports a gritty liquid-cooled, 49cc lump, great for tackling the urban jungle without too big of a hassle.

With off-road DNA, thanks to its Beta heritage, the Ark One has been perfectly designed for asphalt conditions, thanks to a rigid frame, a hydraulic fork, an adjustable, spring-preload, monoshock and special asphalt tires.

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