ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018) Specs, Performance & Photos

Segment: Sport / Super Sport
Production years: 2016, 2017, 2018

ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM 2016-2018 7 Photos
ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM (2016-2018)

The RedShift SM is a race sumo without the oil changes and plated for the street. Because of its off-road roots, it may be pretty but it's definitely not precious. Feel free to beat on it, but remember: just because it is capable of launching stair gaps does not mean we condone that kind of behavior.

ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM 2016-2018

ALTA MOTORS Redshift SM 5.8 Kwh (40 HP)

engine specs
Bore X Stroke:-
Compression Ratio:-
Horsepower:41/13750 KW(hp)/RPM
Torque:0/- lb-ft/RPM OR 0 Nm/RPM
Fuel System:-
transmission specs
Primary Drive:-
Final Drive:Chain
chassis specs
Front Suspension:Fully adjustable
Rear Suspension:Fully adjustable
Front Brake:-
Rear Brake:-
dimension specs
Overall Length:-
Overall Width:-
Seat Height:35.5 in OR 902 mm
Wheelbase:56.6+ in OR 1438 mm
Ground Clearance:-
Weight:282 lbs OR 128 kg
Fuel Capacity:-
tyres specs
power system specs
Power pack:Lithium-ion tech
Nominal Capacity:5.8 kWh
Maximum Capacity:-
Charger type:Integrated
Charging time (normal):4 / 110V hours
Charging time (quick):-
Range:49 miles OR 78.9 km
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