MERCEDES-AMG GLS- Class Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 2
First production year: 2016
Engines: Hybrid gasoline, Gasoline
Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 photo gallery

Mercedes-AMG introduced a facelifted version of the GLS 63 in the spring of 2023, along with the rest of the GLS family produced by Mercedes-Benz.

While some people could live just fine with the power provided by the regular GLS, some others asked for more. Thus, the AMG produced the GLS 63 that was not just big and luxurious, but it could also hit the 62 mph mark (100 kph) from standing still in less time than other supercars built just a decade before. And that wasn't easy, considering the vehicle's size and weight.

Boasting a broader grille at the front adorned by the specific Panamericana styling with vertical slats, the GLS 63 had an aggressive look. Its headlights, similar to those on the rest of the range, boasted two boomerang-shaped daytime running lights and two LED blocks inside the headlamps. The massive SUV came fitted as standard with 21" light-alloy wheels, with an option for a set of 23" ones. At the back, the automaker installed new 3D taillights, and at the lower part, a bumper with a diffuser flanked by two pairs of quad-exhaust trims. The actual pipes were round and placed behind the bumper.

Inside, the GLS 63 featured an updated dashboard with a wide glass panel that covered a new digital instrument panel and the MBUX infotainment's system touchscreen. The latter was placed atop the center stack. Since it was a performance-oriented vehicle, it featured a pair of bolstered front seats, while the rest of the five seats (three on the middle row and two jump seats in the trunk area) were regular. But all of them were wrapped in artificial leather.

Along with the upgraded version, AMG ditched the former drivetrain used on the 2016 model-year and brought a 4.0-liter biturbo V8 mated with a nine-speed automatic gearbox.

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Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 (X166) photo gallery

Mercedes-AMG continued its work on the facelifted version of the GLE's third generation, which, starting with 2015, wore the GLS nameplate.

While for the U.S. market, it wasn't considered such a behemoth on wheels when compared with the Cadillac Escalade or Lincoln Navigator, it was quite big in Europe. Moreover, the GLS was the most luxurious SUV on the Old Continent's market, and the carmaker listened to its customers who asked for more power. And the power came from Mercedes' specialist AMG, which also became a separate sub-brand named Mercedes-AMG.

On the facelifted version, the front fascia received a bold black grille adorned with chromed slats. Moreover, the carmaker installed new headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights. In addition, the lower part of the bumper got the A-shaped grille flanked on the sides by massive air scoops. Furthermore, the SUV revealed its standard 21" light-alloy wheels from its profile. Finally, the carmaker added new full LED taillights at the back as a standard feature.

Inside, the high-bolstered front seats provided multiple electrical adjustments, heating, and ventilation. In addition, Mercedes-AMG made extensive use of man-made leather for the entire cabin, including the second and third rows of seats. At the front, the dashboard received a newly designed instrument panel, and, atop the center stack, the carmaker installed an 8" infotainment system.

Underneath the hood, Mercedes-AMG kept the same 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 powerplant that provided enough oomph to rocket the behemoth from naught to 62 mph (0-100 kph) in less than five seconds. In addition, the rear-wheel drive biased traction system was tuned for a sportier feeling. Moreover, the AMG SPEEDSHIFT PLUS (seven-speed) automatic gearbox was tuned for performance.

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