LINCOLN Zephyr Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 2
First production year: 2005
Engines: , Gasoline

2021 - Present

Lincoln introduced the locally built Zephir on the Chinese market in November 2021, and the Premium brand focused on a fluid design and advanced technologies. While it was not available to U.S. customers, the Zephir was already a known nameplate on the Chinese market. Its customers appreciated it thanks to the stylish design and the fluid lines that composed it. Even though it was penned in C...

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%s engines:

  LINCOLN Zephyr 2.0L 8AT

2005 - 2007

Lincoln Zephyr's name goes back in time to the late '30s, when it was built as available as a luxury sedan, and the 2005 model aimed the same segment. While a V12 didn't power it as its illustrious predecessor, the 2006 Zephyr provided more comfort and power than that. Ford built the Zephyr on the same platform as the Mazda 6, but with a longer wheelbase to provide more comfort...

full description and technical specifications
gasoline engines:

  LINCOLN Zephyr 3.0i V6 24V 6AT (221 HP)