LINCOLN Zephyr Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 2
First production year: 2005
Engines: , Gasoline
LINCOLN Zephyr photo gallery

Lincoln introduced the locally built Zephir on the Chinese market in November 2021, and the Premium brand focused on a fluid design and advanced technologies.

While it was not available to U.S. customers, the Zephir was already a known nameplate on the Chinese market. Its customers appreciated it thanks to the stylish design and the fluid lines that composed it. Even though it was penned in California, the Chinese designers brought some help and inputs.

The car's longitudinal lines created the image of a longer vehicle, and its overall shape might resemble the European Ford Mondeo. Yet, the front fascia featured a 3D mesh design crossed by a chromed slat that supported the narrow, vertical Lincoln badge. Its profile revealed a three-windows setup, with an additional glass area behind the rear doors, while at the back, the designers placed a wide light strip with the "Lincoln" text embedded that crossed the trunk's lid. The rear skirt concealed the exhausts.

Inside, Ford placed a 12.3" digital dashboard instrument panel embedded into a 27" (69 cm) wide touchscreen. The carmaker installed the Chinese-only 4 SYNC+ infotainment system, which enabled continuous OTA updates. Another luxurious feel was provided by the 128-color ambient light and specific scents sent inside the cockpit through the air vents.

Like most luxurious cars built especially for the Chinese market, the Zephyr featured an unusually long wheelbase, allowing the rear passengers relaxed legroom.

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LINCOLN Zephyr photo gallery

Lincoln Zephyr's name goes back in time to the late '30s, when it was built as available as a luxury sedan, and the 2005 model aimed the same segment.

While a V12 didn't power it as its illustrious predecessor, the 2006 Zephyr provided more comfort and power than that. Ford built the Zephyr on the same platform as the Mazda 6, but with a longer wheelbase to provide more comfort for the rear passengers.

Its chromed front grille exaggerated its wedged look with vertical slats at the front and the angular headlights. The car featured wide taillights split between the rear quarter panels and the trunk lid in the back. Maybe its long cabin looked too conservative, but it indeed served its purpose to accommodate five passengers comfortably.

Inside, the Zephyr featured an almost vertical dash-panel with an elegant look and circular air-vents. Lincoln installed a 10-speaker infotainment system with a touch screen and a CD-player developed together with the THX specialist on the center stack. The aluminum and wood trims made the car looks very stylish. There was room for five in the back, thanks to a lower transmission tunnel, which was used for the all-wheel-drive versions. Its split-folding 60/40 seatback for the rear bench allowed an increase for the already impressively sized trunk.

Under the body, the Zephyr featured independent suspension in all corners. Its V-6 engine provided by Ford featured a variable camshaft timing, and it was paired to a standard six-speed automatic transmission.

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