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LADA Samara 5 Doors Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 1
First production year: 1984
Engines: Gasoline
Body style: Hatchback


After years of building cars based on the ancient Fiat 124 platform, the Russian carmaker invested in a revolutionary vehicle for its market: the Samara. In 1984, the Russian carmaker AvtoVaz introduced the Samara to the market. It was a huge success for the communist company to switch from a longitudinally-mounted engine and rear-wheel-drive system to a more modern transverse front engine an...

full description and technical specifications
gasoline engines:

  LADA Samara 5 Doors 1.1L 4MT (53 HP)

  LADA Samara 5 Doors 1.3i 5MT (43 HP)

  LADA Samara 5 Doors 1.3L 5MT (65 HP)

  LADA Samara 5 Doors 1.5i 5MT (72 HP)

  LADA Samara 5 Doors 1.5L 5MT (72 HP)