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LADA 110 Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 1
First production year: 1998
Engines: Gasoline

1998 - 2008

Porsche helped the Russian carmaker Avtovaz create a new product, which was different from any other vehicle made by any of them. The result was the Lada 110. It was a big step forward for the Avtovaz Russian carmaker. From the carbureted, 1.2-liter engine with rear-wheel-drive installed on a car designed in the '60s, it jumped to a 1.6-liter, fuel-injected engine with front-wheel-drive....

full description and technical specifications
gasoline engines:

  LADA 110 1.5L 16V 5MT (94 HP)

  LADA 110 1.5L 8V 5MT (70 HP)

  LADA 110 1.6L 16V 5MT (90 HP)

  LADA 110 1.6L 8V 5MT (81 HP)