HONDA Insight Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 4
First production year: 1999
Engines: Hybrid, Hybrid gasoline, Gasoline
Body style: Hatchback

2018 - Present

While most of the hybrids available looked weird, the Honda Insight gave no apparent hint that it was a hybrid, aside for the badge at the rear. More attractive than most of the sedans, the Insight sported design cues taken from the sibling Accord. Based on a Civic platform, the sedan borrowed the roof and the rear quarter panels, while the rest was unique and specific to the Insight. ...

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hybrid engines:

  HONDA Insight 1.5L CVT (151 HP)

2012 - 2014

In 2011, the Honda Insight got facelifted, coming with both aesthetic and functional changes. The exterior got bigger air intakes, new head and taillights, redesigned rims, a new grille with a blue stripe, thinner rear lip spoiler to facilitate rear view and other small adjustments. The interior has new seats that offer more passenger room, larger cupholders, new rear camera, refreshed gauge ...

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hybrid gasoline engines:

  HONDA insight 1.4L CVT (98 HP)

  HONDA insight 1.5L CVT (122 HP)

2009 - 2012

10 years later after revealing their first hybrid, Honda launched the new Insight in 2009. Many have said that the new Insight was much like the Toyota’s Prius, however, it was actually based on their first Insight, borrowing many of its characteristics. The Insight had a futuristic and simple design, offering high visibility to the driver. It seems like the model was mostly thought for comfo...

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gasoline engines:

  HONDA Insight 1.3 Hybrid CVT (98 HP)driven: read

1999 - 2006

In 1999, Honda tried to launch a highly fuel-efficient vehicle with a gas-electric powerplant under the hood, but it was not a revolution. Toyota got a better start with the Prius, which was launched in late 1997. Honda waited for another two years and introduced the first generation of the Insight in 1999. It was designed as a commuter car and advertised with a very optimistic fuel-efficienc...

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