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 GTA Motor, the parent of the Spano, the first supercar in the history of Spain, is a relatively newly-founded company that was developed specifically for this purpose (the Spano project debuted back ion 2005).

GTA Motor is a sister company to GTA Motor Competicion, a Spanish racing team based in Torrent, Valencia, Spain, which came to life in 1994. Over the years, the team has been active in many series, such as Superleague Formula and European F3 Open Championship, with certain important drivers signign with it, such as F1 contender Jaime Alguersuari.

Domingo Ochoa, the man behind the racing team, had the ambition to translate all those years of motorsport experience on the road and this is why he created GTA Motor. The carmaker hopes to release more models after the limited run of 99 units for the Spano is completed.

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