FORD Ranger Wildtrak Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 1
First production year: 2023
Engines: Diesel
Body style: Truck
FORD Ranger Wildtrak X photo gallery

Ford expanded the European Ranger lineup with the addition of the Wildtrack X and Tremor versions, which were designed and engineered to tackle hard offroad situations.

While SUVs and crossovers were already mainly built for asphalt and city traffic, Ford used its off-road experience to create variants that were able to go through mud and snow with ease. And when that task was accomplished, the automaker added rock crawling as another trial. And it won that one too. While the regular Ranger double-cab was still capable enough to go through unpaved roads and even difficult off-road situations, the Wildtrack X took things to another level.

With a 30 mm (1.3") wider track and a 26 mm (1.2") higher ground clearance than its regular Ranger sibling, the Wildtrack X offered a ferocious look. Its front bumper with fixed hooks was impressive when seen in the rearview mirror. From its sides, the 17" light-alloy wheels wearing large 265/70 All-Terrain tires were just a few hints that this version is up for everything. In addition, the cast-aluminum side steps protected the bodywork from stones and underbody hits while rock crawling.

Unlike the Tremor, the Wildtrack X featured a nicer interior with contrast accents on the mixed-upholstered (leather and fabric) seats. Still, it featured the same TFT display inside the instrument cluster and the portrait-mode touchscreen for the SYNC infotainment system. At the back, Ford installed a bench wide enough to carry up to three adults.

Powering the whole monster was Ford's 2.0-liter turbo-diesel that developed 205 PS (202 hp) and a ten-speed automatic transmission. The suspension was revised and featured high-performance Bilstein shock absorbers in all corners.

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