FISKER Karma Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 1
First production year: 2011
Engines: Hybrid
FISKER Karma photo gallery

The Karma was designed by a Danish automotive designer name Henrik Fisker, the same person who designed luxury cars such as the BMW z8, the Aston Martin DB9, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and others.

As expected, the Karma had a beautiful sporty, attractive design and it was built as a environmentally friend. Considered one of the weirdest luxury sedans, the starting price of the basic Karma was around $103,000 and went up to $120,000 for the top-of-the-range model.

Unfortunately, the Karma didn’t have a long life and went out of production in a little over one year. Why? Several customers reported battery supply issues, thus the sales dropped quickly.

The Karma was equipped with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and two electric motors, together producing over 400 hp.

Inside the Karma were the most unexpected, distinctive features. The starting button had “EVer” written on it, and EVer was actually an acronym coming from “electric vehicle with extended range”, badge that could also be seen on the outside, on the side and the back.

The center console featured with window controls, as well as two cupholders.

The gear selector did not have a lever, there were actually buttons for selecting the gear, and all of them formed a diamond shape.

Whenever selecting a gear, a green light flashed under the glass panel located in the center console. The green light would flash differently depending on the gear selected, indicating the direction in which the driver was going to move.

The Karma did not have the traditional door handles, but rather electronic door poppers. A button was placed on the door panels and when actioned, the door would open electronically.

At a first glance, the distinctive steering wheel was equipped with paddle shifters. However, the paddles were actually used to change the driving mode.

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