CITROEN C4 Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 2
First production year: 2020
Engines: Diesel, Gasoline, Electric
Body style: SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

2022 - Present

Citroen introduced the C4 as a hatchback on the market in 2004, but later on, the compact-segment vehicle evolved into a crossover coupe that attracted a different type of customer. Just two years after the launch of the C4's third generation, the French brand unveiled the C4 X, trying to compete with some premium carmakers that also had crossover coupes on their lineups. Even though Cit...

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diesel engines:

  CITROEN C4 X BlueHDi 130 Start & Stop 8AT

gasoline engines:

  CITROEN C4 X PureTech 100 Start & Stop 6MT

  CITROEN C4 X PureTech 130 8AT

  CITROEN C4 X PureTech 130 Start & Stop 8AT

2020 - Present

The SUV-Coupe mania was a trend that affected more of the up-market products, such as the BMW X6 or the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Coupe. But Citroen tried its luck with the 2020 C4. The French car-maker was successful with the introduction of the C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross. It sold more than half of million units before it introduced the C4 in 2020, and it was not named Aircross anymore. It was just...

full description and technical specifications

  CITROEN C4 100 KWh (136 HP)