2019 Subaru WRX STI S209 Photos, engines & full specs

Segment: Compact
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Production years: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

SUBARU WRX STI (S209) 2018-Present 27 Photos
SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)SUBARU WRX STI (S209) (2018-Present)

Subaru introduced a 209-unit limited edition of the WRX STI at the 2019 North American International Auto Show, unveiling the full potential of an already respected four-door sports car.

Subaru Tecnica International was founded in 1988 to create and develop race cars for Subaru. The STI wizards' vehicles won six world rally championships. Perhaps more importantly, the podium presence rate was high: out of 193 race starts in official STI cars, 122 finished in the top three places. But fast forward three decades, and in 2018, the Japanese brand decided to go all-in and create a unique vehicle for the American market, and that was the Subaru WRX STI S209. While it shared many parts with its regular sibling, the car was at a much higher level. It was the most powerful, best-handling STI road car ever created. What started as a project ended up as a huge success. Moreover, all 209 units vanished quickly.

Someone didn't have to be a keen Subaru fan to notice that there was something different about the S209 compared to the regular WRX STI. Sure, none of them looked like grocery-getters. They both looked mean. But the S209 had something unique. Its front bumper featured a broad lower air intake flanked by huge side scoops, which sported three horizontal slats to increase downforce to the front axle. Furthermore, a set of winglets were found on each side of the lower bumper. From its profile, the enlarged wheel arches looked similar to those from the WRX STI, but they sported the STI S209 unique badges on their rear area.

Thanks to the 4.9-inch (12.5 cm) ground clearance, the car's profile boasted a racing appearance. Its 19-inch BBS light alloy wheels were available in yellow, similar to those installed on the rally car. STI wrapped them in 265/35R Dunlop tires for increased performance. Despite the car's steep price, the automaker offered it in just two colors: white or blue. Out back, on the deck, the car manufacturer placed a functional carbon fiber wing that sported the S209 lettering on its outer sides. Under the rear bumper, this special edition of the WRX STI featured a large diffuser flanked by four round titanium exhausts.

Inside, the S209 received a pair of Recaro sports seats with high bolstered areas, red stitching, and black suede for the front seats. The driver fronted an Alcantara-wrapped flat-bottom steering wheel featuring a red STI badge on the lower spoke. On the center stack, the automaker placed a seven-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system that supported Android Auto but not Apple CarPlay. At the same time, on the center console, Subaru installed the dial that controlled the all-wheel drive system, known as the SI-Drive, between the driver and the side passenger.

But the real magic happened under its skin. Under the hood, STI installed the famous EJ25 flat-four engine. A HKS turbocharger raised the power from a regular 309 PS (304 hp) to a staggering 346 PS (341 hp), which it sent in all corners via a six-speed manual transmission only. STI installed Brembo brakes on the S209 with cross-drilled and ventilated discs grabbed by six-pot calipers up front and two-pot calipers in the back.

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SUBARU WRX STI (S209) 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024
  1 gasoline engine
  • 2.5L 6MT AWD (346 HP)

2.5L 6MT AWD (346 HP)

Displacement:2457 cm3
Power:254.3 KW @ 6400 RPM
345.7 HP @ 6400 RPM
341 BHP @ 6400 RPM
Torque:330 lb-ft @ 3600 RPM
447 Nm @ 3600 RPM
Fuel System:Turbocharge Multi-port manifold injection
Fuel capacity:15.9 gallons (60.2 L)
Drive Type:All Wheel Drive
Gearbox:6-Speed manual
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated Discs
Tire Size:265/35 R19
Length:181.9 in (4620 mm)
Width:72.4 in (1839 mm)
Height:58.1 in (1476 mm)
Front/rear Track:60.8/60.8 in (1,544/1,544 mm)
Wheelbase:104.3 in (2649 mm)
Ground Clearance:4.9 in (124 mm)
Cargo Volume:11.8 cuFT (334 L)
Turning circle:40 ft (12.2 m)
Unladen Weight:3486 lbs (1581 kg)
City:15 mpg US (15.7 L/100Km)
Highway:21 mpg US (11.2 L/100Km)
Combined:17 mpg US (13.8 L/100Km)
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