LAMBORGHINI Murcielago 2001-2006 Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Coupé (two-door)
Segment: Exotic
Production years: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

LAMBORGHINI Murcielago 2001-2006 11 Photos
LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)LAMBORGHINI Murcielago (2001-2006)

When Lamborghini introduced the Murcielago in 2001, it was already owned by Volkswagen Group, and it had enough money to create a unique supercar.

The carmaker already knew that it had to adapt to new customers and that the hard-core enthusiasts would have to deal with the all-wheel-drive systems and the new design. Moreover, Volkswagen brought Luc Donkerwolke onboard, and he penned the car with angular shapes but managed to create an aerodynamic shape.

With a 4 ft (1.2 meters) height and an unusually wide stance, the Murcielago was the shocking-looking vehicle that Lamborghini needed. The car's angular-shaped headlights and the big air intakes in the apron made it look like a hungry beast ready to eat everyone and everything in its path. The designer didn't forget that such a supercar needs impressive cooling areas, so he developed adjustable side air-scoops to cool the engines. As a brand-specific signature, the scissors doors were kept.

Despite its wide stance, the Murcielago was actually pretty cramped inside. There was a tall center console between the sport bucket seats and a center stack that supported the sound system and the HVAC controls. On top of it, there were a pair of round vents that clearly didn't match the car's angular shapes. But they worked fine, and customers didn't complain. Inside the instrument cluster, Lamborghini placed two big dials for the speedometer and tachometer while the rest of the gauges and warning lights flanked them.

Like its predecessor, the Diablo, this 2001 Lamborghini featured a V12 engine placed behind the cabin. It was a 6.2-liter unit mated either with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. Power went in all corners via a viscous center differential.

LAMBORGHINI Murcielago 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
  1 gasoline engine
  • 6.2L V12 6MT AWD (580 HP)

6.2L V12 6MT AWD (580 HP)

ENGINE SPECS - 6.2L V12 6MT AWD (580 HP)
Displacement:6192 cm3
Power:426 KW @ 7500 RPM
580 HP @ 7500 RPM
571 BHP @ 7500 RPM
Torque:479 lb-ft @ 5400 RPM
650 Nm @ 5400 RPM
Fuel System:Multipoint Injection
Top Speed:205 mph (330 km/h)
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph):3.8 s
Drive Type:All Wheel Drive
Gearbox:6-Speed manual
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated Discs
Tire Size:245/35 ZR18 // 335/30 ZR18
Length:180.3 in (4580 mm)
Width:80.5 in (2045 mm)
Height:44.7 in (1135 mm)
Front/rear Track:64.4/66.7 in (1,636/1,694 mm)
Wheelbase:104.9 in (2664 mm)
Ground Clearance:5.5 in (140 mm)
Cargo Volume:4.9 cuFT (139 L)
Aerodynamics (Cd):0.33
Unladen Weight:3638 lbs (1650 kg)
Gross Weight Limit:4409 lbs (2000 kg)
City:13 mpg US (18.1 L/100Km)
Highway:9 mpg US (26.1 L/100Km)
Combined:10.7 mpg US (22 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions:512 g/km
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