2024 Hyundai i10 Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Hatchback
Segment: Small
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2023, 2024

HYUNDAI i10 2023-Present 14 Photos
HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)HYUNDAI i10 (2023-Present)

Hyundai introduced the third generation of its i10 city car in 2019, and four years later, it announced the facelifted version for it at the beginning of March 2023.

The smallest member of Hyundai's family is the i10. This small city vehicle is based on the same platform as the Kia Picanto and tries to get a slice of the segment competing against French and Italian cars in Europe and against Japanese brands in India and Asia. So, to keep it fresh in front of its customers, the Korean automaker improved the pocket-sized hatchback and even gave it an N Line, which was inspired by the performance N-badged Hyundais.

On the front fascia, the 2023 i10 sported a new grille that incorporated the LED daytime running lights, with three oblique lines for the N Line and four horizontal blocks for the rest of the range. Furthermore, the bumper looked different between these two siblings, with the sportier one featuring a broad grille extended to the lower lip spoiler flanked by horizontal scoops, while regular i10s had fake vertical vents that hosted the fog lamps.

The interior of the facelifted version of the Hyundai's small-sized vehicle featured a wide, dual-screen display on the dashboard, with a touchscreen atop the center stack for the infotainment system and a TFT for the instrument panel. There was new fabric upholstery on the refreshed i10, depending on the trim level. Like its predecessor, the 2023 version offered enough room for four adults and a small trunk behind the flat-folding rear bench seat.

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HYUNDAI i10 2023, 2024

Information about this model's engines has not been yet made public, but we will add it as soon as the car is launched or more data becomes available