BMW M8 Gran Coupe 2022-Present Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Coupé (two-door)
Segment: Compact
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2022, 2023, 2024

BMW M8 Gran Coupe  2022-Present 20 Photos
BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)BMW M8 Gran Coupe  (2022-Present)

BMW started the 2022 year in full blast by launching a refreshed lineup for the 8-Series in all shapes and sizes, and the Gran Coupe in the M-Spec version also received an upgrade.

While those oriented on speed and handling were more biased on purchasing the coupe version, there was a big market for high-performance four-door vehicles. That's why BMW and Mercedes-Benz brought back the four-door coupe styling initiated back in the '60s by the Mark III Rover P5.

The M8 Gran Coupe shares its underpinning with its two-door, hard-top sibling, the M8. Yet, it boasts a longer wheelbase and could accommodate two passengers in the back. Like its sibling, it featured frame-less door windows, making it look sportier, but the B-pillar had to stay in place. At the front, the Gran Coupe offered the same front fascia as the non-facelifted version, with a wide, trapezoidal air intake on the lower apron flanked by two functional scoops that cooled the brakes.

Inside, the most noticeable change was for the infotainment system, which received a 12.3" touchscreen instead of the former 10.25" one. There was also new hardware for it, allowing better integration with the smartphone. In addition, customers had the option to order it with either standard bucket seats or, as an option, carbon-fiber sport seats that enhanced the sporty character. The M8 Gran Coupe featured a split-folding bench fit for two at the back since there was a tall transmission tunnel that crossed the car from front to back.

Under the hood, the Bavarian carmaker placed the same powerplant as the M8 Coupe mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox that sent the power in all corners.

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BMW M8 Gran Coupe 2022, 2023, 2024
  1 gasoline engine
  • V8 AWD 8AT (625 HP)

BMW M8 Gran Coupe
V8 AWD 8AT (625 HP)

Displacement:4395 cm3
Power:459.7 KW @ 6000 RPM
625 HP @ 6000 RPM
616 BHP @ 6000 RPM
Torque:553 lb-ft @ 1800-5860 RPM
750 Nm @ 1800-5860 RPM
Fuel System:Turbocharged Direct Injection
Fuel capacity:18 gallons (68.1 L)
Top Speed:155 mph (249 km/h)
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph):3.2 s
Drive Type:All Wheel Drive
Gearbox:8-speed automatic M Steptronic with Drivelogic
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated discs
Tire Size:275/35 ZR20 102Y XL // 285/35 ZR20 104Y XL
Length:200.7 in (5098 mm)
Width:76.5 in (1943 mm)
Height:55.9 in (1420 mm)
Front/rear Track:64/65.4 in (1,626/1,661 mm)
Wheelbase:119.2 in (3028 mm)
Ground Clearance:4.8 in (122 mm)
Cargo Volume:15.5 cuFT (439 L)
Aerodynamics (Cd):0.34
Aerodynamics (frontal area):2.25 m2
Turning circle:42.3 ft (12.9 m)
Unladen Weight:4398 lbs (1995 kg)
Gross Weight Limit:5379 lbs (2440 kg)
City:14 mpg US (16.8 L/100Km)
Highway:29 mpg US (8.1 L/100Km)
Combined:20.8 mpg US (11.3 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions:260 g/km
Combined:20.3 mpg US (11.6 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (Combined):265 g/km
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