BUGATTI La Voiture Noire Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 1
First production year: 2019
Engines: Gasoline
Body style: Coupé (two-door)

2019 - Present

At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the exclusive super-car manufacturer Bugatti brought a new model, called “Le Voiture Noire” (The black car). This is a one of a kind car, and it was already sold for 11 million (plus taxes) euros before it was even showed. The “La Voiture Noire” is an homage to the mighty Bugatti 57 SC Atlantic. It is bigger than the well known Chiron but shares the same engine....

full description and technical specifications
gasoline engines:

  BUGATTI La Voiture Noire 8.0L (1500 HP)