BMW X6 M Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 4
First production year: 2009
Engines: Mild hybrid, Gasoline
Body style: SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle)

2023 - Present

BMW refreshed the X6 lineup at the beginning of 2023, and along with the rest of the range, the M Competition version received a well-deserved update. The world of performance SUVs was no longer a territory where just one or two brands dominated the market. Apart from Porsche's Cayenne and its sibling Lamborghini Urus, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Cadillac joined the bandwagon. We didn't mention Ferrari since the Italian brand didn't say that the Purosangue was an SUV (although it was). So, in this small circle of powerful vehicles, the white-and-blue badged automa...

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mild hybrid engines:

BMW X6 M Competition Competition 4.4L V8 xDrive 48V MHEV AWD 8AT (625 HP)


2019 - 2023

With 600 hp under the hood, the X6 M tried to offer more performance for the SUV-lovers in a package that started the SUV-coupe trend. When the first X6 came on the market in 2007, it received as much appreciation as hate from its fans. But BMW didn't care too much about that and pushed forward, and soon, the customers started to like it. By 2019, the X6 was already at its third generation, and its main competitors tried to catch it. BMW offered a special exterior package for the X6 M. The front bumper sported a unique design with a wide center grille flanked by two side-scoops. I...

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gasoline engines:

BMW X6 M (G06) 4.4L V8 8AT AWD (600 HP)

BMW X6 M (G06) M Competition 4.4L V8 8AT AWD (625 HP)


2014 - 2018

BMW’s high-performance Sports Activity Coupe got enhanced once again for 2015, combining the characteristic features of the X family with the commitment to high performance the M branch offers. The robust exterior is characterized by large air intakes at the front, side gills, a four-pipe exhaust, 21-inch alloy rims, a rear spoiler and some aggressive sharp lines. Inside you get an update environment, in tone with the automaker’s current design style, a new M leather steering wheel with integrated aluminum gearshift paddles and M sports seats in Merino leather for the driver and front ...

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gasoline engines:

BMW X6M (F86) 4.4L xDrive V8 8AT AWD (575 HP)


2009 - 2014

What was it really? A hatchback? An SUV? A crossover? Well, all of them. A jacked-up hatchback with a very precise steering and ridiculous power. Sure, everything sounds nice, but it had to come with some compromises: limited cargo space and seating for four. Not a practical or versatile vehicle, but a great option for passionate drivers. The X6M was developed by the BMW’s Motorsport division and featured a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine that cranked out no less than 555 hp, and that’s 5 hp more than the engine on the Caynne Turbo S. Interesting for a crossover, the X6M...

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