Auto Glossary




Designed to transmit a rotary motion between an output shaft and an input shaft with a different angle between them, the U-joint (or Universal) is comprised of two rods (or shafts) connected via a pair of hinges.
Universal Joint


The Unified Chassis Control (UCC) is a Delphi technology which integrates different safety systems under the same umbrella in order to provide enhanced vehicle control. By integrating systems like the ABS, stability control, traction and even suspension control under a single ECU, the Unified Chassis Control can respond better to unforeseen driving situations.
Unified Chassis Control


A unitized (also called unibody or monocoque) body integrates the chassis and other structural elements into the construction of the vehicle, and does not require a separate frame or chassis to provide rigidity to the body, thus reducing the total weight.
Unitized Construction

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