Auto Glossary




The Integrated Chassis System (ICCS) is a General Motors technology that integrates brakes, steering, suspension and traction control, using electronic sensors for more precise handling. It is currently used in some Cadillac models.
Integrated Chassis Control System


ICE are powerplants where fuel is combusted in the presence of an oxidizer inside a combustion chamber. The resulting force moves another component, usually a cylinder, transforming the chemical energy into mechanical energy.
Internal combustion engine


IIHS is a U.S. non-profit organization funded by auto insurance companies working on projects meant to reduce the number of vehicle collisions and injuries.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety


The independent suspension is a system where each wheel can be moved on a vertical axis without influencing the other, and can react independently to bumps on the road.

Independent Suspension


An inline-six (or straight six) is an engine configuration where all cylinders sit in a straight line across the crankcase, while all the pistons are driving the same crankshaft. Along the V12 and other similar layouts, it is the best naturally balanced engine configuration.


Insta Trac is a GM marketing name for a 4WD system that gives a vehicle the ability to shift from four to two-wheel drive and vice-versa without stopping. In older 4WD vehicles with a transfer box the driver had to manually engage the hubs at each wheel.
Instant Traction


Some manufacturers offer integrated folding child seats into the normal seats of their vehicles. When not in use, the child seats can be retracted into the normal seats, which are usually in the rear part of the vehicle cabin.
Integrated child seats


The intercooler is a device used to cool the air coming into the combustion chamber on turbocharged and/or supercharged engines. This is done because cooler air produces more power, and charged engines tend to heat the intake air while it's being compressed, thus decreasing its burn and combustion chamber fill-up efficiency. Most intercoolers have an air-to-air system, air-to-liquid system, or sometimes combination of both.


The internal balancer is a gear-driven balancer that absorbs engine vibration for a smoother operation and enhanced reliability.
Internal balancer


ISOFIX is the name of standardized child seat anchorages used by most car manufacturers. It defines the standard attachment points to be built into cars, thus enabling manufacturer compliant child safety seats to be quickly and safely secured into the car's rear seats. On cars with a front passenger airbag deactivation option, the ISOFIX is also available for the front passenger seat.


IVT is a variation of the continuously variable transmission where the range of ratios of output shaft speed to input shaft speed includes a zero ratio.
Infinitely variable transmission

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