ALFA ROMEO MiTo Models/Series Timeline, Specifications & Photos

Generations: 3
First production year: 2008
Engines: Gasoline, Diesel, Natural gas
Body style: Hatchback

2016 - 2018

In 2016, Alfa Romeo introduced the last refresh for its smallest vehicle in the lineup, the MiTo, and upgraded the engine lineup to Euro6 emission standards. While most hard-core Alfa Romeo fans didn't like the fact that the MiTo shared its underpinnings with the mundane Fiat Grande Punto or Opel Corsa, the carmaker actually made some profit with the little premium car. After the successful introduction of the Giulia lineup, the carmaker tried to get a bigger market share with the less-expensive MiTo. The exterior went through some subtle changes that brought it nine colors and th...

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gasoline engines:

ALFA ROMEO MiTo 0.9L 6MT (105 HP)

ALFA ROMEO MiTo 1.4L 5MT (78 HP)

ALFA ROMEO MiTo 1.4L 6AT (140 HP)

diesel engines:

ALFA ROMEO MiTo 1.3L 5MT (90 HP)

ALFA ROMEO MiTo 1.3L 5MT (95 HP)

natural gas engines:

ALFA ROMEO MiTo 1.4L 5MT (120 HP)


2013 - 2016

The Alfa Romeo MiTo introduced in 2014 featured minimal exterior design changes, but came with new technology a a new 2-cylinder engine. The Alfa’s smallest model had a new grill frame, more exactly, a chrome-plated frame for the already iconic V-shaped grill. The big update was represented by the turbocharged two-cylinder engine borrowed from Fiat. While the MiTo was not a cheap vehicle for a car in the small segment, the 2-cylinder engine allowed Alfa Romeo to reduce the starting price with around $3000. The new engine was a 0.9-liter producing 77 kW. While it might not sound a...

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2008 - 2013

The small and funkily designed MiTo reminded us of the Alfa’s 8C. The great styling made the MiTo look more like a premium product with the chrome accents and the unique Alfa’s characteristic alloys. The MiTo strongest rival was the BMW’s mini, thus Alfa had to equip the small vehicle with at least great technology, besides the beautiful design. The interior was built with great attention to details, and even if lots of plastic surfaces were used, they had a good finish and looked well. The cabin was also customisable, users having the option to add an assorted dashboard, and di...

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